VR Trains

National Railway operator in Finland, VR, is offering a vast choice of modern trains connecting over 200 rail stations. Finnish railways have regular intercity trains, overnight express trains and high-speed trains, all equipped with modern facilities.

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  • Railway length

    3 172 km
  • Types of trains

    ​regular, overnight & high-speed
  • No. routes sold

  • Fastest train speed

    220 km/h

VR Train Types in Finland

One of the most unusual ways to traverse the country and enjoy its beauty to the fullest is taking a train. The well-developed Finnish railway network offers not only domestic but also cross-border connections and an extensive schedule for each route to match any travel plans. All trains in Finland are designed to meet modern standards and are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable ride.

Most Popular Finland Train Routes

Commuter Trafic Trains

You will likely board this type of trains when you are traveling in Helsinki. These help you with your day-to-day travel plans.

Domestic Long-Distance Trains

​You will need a ticket on one of the domestic long-distance trains if you wish to travel outside major cities & far into Finland.

All Popular Routes

Explore the top routes in Finland on a high-speed train. Choose your next destination and travel fast, comfortable and safe.

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