Pendolino Trains

If you wish to experience the best of Finland by train, choose Pendolino high-speed train for your journey. These trains connect the capital of Finland with Tampere, Turku, Lahti and Oulu cities, reaching the maximum speed at 250 kph.

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About Pendolino High-speed Trains

Part of an Italian Railway family, Pendolino is an excellent train to board if you have a long-distance journey ahead of you. Pendolino trains are built with a special tilting technology that allows to maintain the speed when passing through the curves of the railway. These trains are single-deckers and fixed trainsets, meaning that the first class/business class is always at the front of the train. Besides the first class, you can find service carriage, restaurant car, as well as cars for two economy classes,

Pendolino Train Classes

  • Pendolino First Class (Business) Seat

    • Extra comfy and roomy seating arranged in three rows with the opportunity to select a single-seat for your convenience;
    • Conference compartment for 7 persons is also possible;
    • Generous space for your personal belongings;
    • Free WiFi access;
    • Individual power sockets are provided;
    • Daily newspapers to read at your leisure.
  • Pendolino Economy Class Seat

    • Comfortable seating;
    • Overhead compartments for your personal belongings;
    • Free WiFi access;
    • Individual power socket;
    • Seating for passengers with special needs is also available;
    • Opportunity to travel with baby carriages (prams) or pets.​
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Pendolino Train Routes

Turku to Helsinki Train

Helsinki to Tampere Train

Helsinki to Turku Train

Tampere to Helsinki Train