VR Night Trains

If you wish plan to travel to the northern part of Finland by train, experience the overnight train journey. These trains connect Turku, Tampere, Oulu, Kolari and Rovaniemi cities, reaching the maximum speed at 200 kph.

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About overnight train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi

Traveling by an overnight sleeper train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi is an experience on its own. The train is very comfortable and makes traveling to Finland's north fun for families, couples or single travelers. You can take your pets, bicycles or even a car on this train. The journey will last about 12 hours.
Besides being a planet-friendly travel option, overnight train in Finland also has some other benefits to it. Choosing to travel during the night, you will reserve the day to do actual touring, while saving money on your accommodation.

Finland Sleeper Train Classes

  • Finland Sleeper Train Regular Seat

    • Comfy and spacious seat in a regular seating compartment
    • Table tray, power sockets, reading light available
    • Public shower is also available for use
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Restaurant car access
    • Can travel with pets or bicycles
    • Overhead compartments for personal belongings
  • Finland Sleeper Upstairs/Downstairs Cabins

    • Comfortable sleeping bunk beds in 1-2 /1-3 cabins
    • Upstairs cabins come with built-in shower and wc
    • Breakfast or brunch can be served directly to your cabin and you can enjoy delicious meal comfortably from your bunk bed
    • Plenty of space for personal belongings
    • Free Wi-Fi, power sockets and reading lights available too
    • Families can ask for connected cabins
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Overnight Finland Train Routes

Helsinki to Rovaniemi Train