From Joensuu to Helsinki by Train

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    ​4 h 27 min

Joensuu - Helsinki Train Information

Traveling from Joensuu to Helsinki, the capital of Finland? If comfort and modern facilities are important to you, we recommend choosing InterCity high-speed train for your upcoming journey. Only 4 h 30 min onboard and you will reach your destination stress-free. Wonder what makes Joensuu - Helsinki train the best travel option for your trip? Trains running between these cities are equipped with modern amenities, making the journey a pleasant travel experience. Expect nothing less than comfortable seating, extra legroom, spacious compartments for your luggage and other belongings. Free Wi-Fi, restaurant, play and quite zones are also onboard the train. Start planning your Joensuu to Helsinki trip with Rail Ninja.

Joensuu to Helsinki Train Price & Schedule

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Traveling from Joensuu to Helsinki: Train Stations


Joensuu Central Railway Station

Itäranta 12, 80100 Joensuu, Finland


Helsinki Central Railway Station

Kaivokatu 1, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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