Finland Railways

Discover the best way to explore Finland - Train! Find out all you need to know about Finnish trains and booking tickets for your journey.

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Finland Railway Service

Trains in Finland

​Finland has a few types of trains operating on country's railway tracks. The main ones are regular, overnight and high-speed trains.

Train Stations in Finland

Rail stations play an important role in Finland train travel. Discover what services are offered at the most popular stations.

Train Routes in Finland

Finland railway connects over 200 Finnish train stations and five in Russia. The most common routes are departing from Helsinki.

Finland Railway Map

Finland is one of the best-suited destinations in Europe for an unforgettable rail journey. Finnish railway is well developed and overall comprised of over 3 thousand kilometers of rail tracks, connecting the bustling cities and charming villages in the north.
Another reason to take the train in Finland is the quality of travel experience you can expect. During your ride, you will notice that the sceneries are breathtaking and the trains are exquisitely modern and fast. Onboard of Finland trains, you will see that they are designed with a traveler in mind and are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable and memorable trip. ​Some of the features common across all classes on VR trains are roomy, comfy seating, large compartments for belongings, conveniently located restrooms, and designated spaces for wheelchairs, pets, and family play areas. Find out more information on the Finnish railway and the routes by visiting Rail Ninja.
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F.A.Q About Train Travel in Finland